Almighty Security Guard
● Multi-Modal Authentication
● Fingerprint (ISO/Proprietary) match on card.
● Built-in CC EAL 5+ & FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Secure Element
● EMVCo Compliant / PCSC standard smart card Reader with secure access module(SAM)
● Safe Key backup strategy
● Independent hardware accelerated cryptography
● Hardware encrypted storage (MicroSD Card)
● Variety cryptography function
● Cross paltform connectivity (iOS/Android/macOS/Linux/Windows)
● Rich application programming interfaces (APIs)
● Remote control, remote management
● USB 2.0 Type A connector
● Apple Lightning for iOS devices
● MicroSD Card reader
● PCSC smart card reader 
● Fingerprint area sensor 160 x 160 pixel / Spatial resolution 508DPI 
● Indicator light : Red, Green, Blue LEDs

● Multi-modal authentication : Biometric authentication, public key authentication(n out of m), PIN authentication
● Secure key container and variety authentication mechanism
● Key backup with smart card and multi-modal authentication
● Hardware cryptographic acceleration (AES256) for data and disk (MicroSD Card) encryption
● Public key infrastructure(PKI) function and X.509 certificate supported 
● Fingerprint(ISO19794-2 / Proprietary format) match on card (built-in secure element or external smart card) supported
● Secure Email signing and encryption with S/MIME ang PGP protocol
● File encryption and data protection
● PDF Security (signing and encryption)
● Secure access control with identification and authentication 
● Bitcoin transaction supported
● Rich APIs and SDKs for developers